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Become A Dowser Man (or Woman)Yourself!
The Water Filtration and Purification business is booming! There are immediate needs nationwide for qualified water purification professionals. Home applications, businesses, hospitals, doctors buildings, restaurants and hundreds of other water purification needs are going unfulfilled right now!

Training is easy
No special tools are required. For most applications, training can be done over the Internet and with our instructional manuals. The tools you need are probably in your garage or tool box right now. Some whole-building applications do require Special Training for the Dowser Man! Certification and may require you to travel for that training, but as a rule, you can become a Dowser Man Installer within one month of application, and for no out of pocket costs!

Work Part Time or Full Time
As a Dowser Man Installer, you will be supplied with all the leads in your area, but most of your new business will come from your own contacts and the referrals of satisfied customers. We provide you with the technical manuals and information needed for all of our product lines. Your income is limited only by the effort you provide.

Work From Home, or From Your Existing Business
Because there are no special tools required or special vehicles to transport the products, you can work from your existing business or from your home.

Learn More To Earn More If you would like to learn more about how to become a Dowser Man! Installer, fill out this short application and we will contact you within two business days either by phone (preferred) or E-mail (if we can't call you during the day or early evening.)



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